Tracker Modify 0.01 - Add/delete trackers recursively from all torrents.

Tracker Modify is perl software (no modules required) that allows you to manipulate tracker lists. You can just add, just delete, add only when you delete, or delete & add to all. Should be compatible with any OS that runs perl. A windows GUI is also in the making so simpilier users can do the same to their own collection (check back soon).

Download - Version 0.01 July 13, 2009


Usage: perl [OPTIONS...] <-a add_file> <-d delete_file> <directory›
Requires an add_file or delete_file or both.

Main Options:
-a add_file File location of tracker list to add. (seperate tiers by empty line just like a uTorrent tracker list!)
-d delete_file File location of tracker hostname list to delete. (hostnames only, supports regular expression)
directory Directory to recursively scan for torrents to modify

Optional flags:
-e .extension Match files with extension, use null for all files (default .torrent)
-deladd Add tracker list only to torrents with a delete match (default disabled)
-noconfirm Do not confirm the modifying process (default disabled)


> perl -a add_file /home/user/torrent
Add trackers to all files with extension .torrent in /home/user/torrent

> perl -e null -deladd -a add_file -d delete_file /home/user/torrent
Add trackers only to files that have a delete match, all extensions in /home/user/torrent

add_file example





Notice the blank line between tiers! LEAVE BLANK LINE BETWEEN EACH SEPERATE TRACKER!!!

delete_file example$$$$

List of hostnames to remove. ^ = beginning $ = end of hostname, first line is basically * and the last line 91.191.138.*