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Profile Wall Comments

[Report] Posted: 27-10-2018 at 15:41:49
Thanks Admin :)

[Report] Posted: 19-01-2019 at 17:33:35
maxmon Verified Uploader
Diligent boy
I want to more upload here.....plz check my uploads and give me permission.

[Report] Posted: 17-05-2019 at 15:26:44
erenT58 Verified UploaderPorn Guy

You do not have permission to upload more torrents.
Please click here to request torrent verification status.

Problem ?
Im daily 50-100 torrent upload. no limit pls

Please help me admin

[Report] Posted: 17-05-2019 at 15:36:51
Prom3th3uS Super Administrator
SaM - & FTUApps.Com

Fixed, continue uploading.....

[Report] Posted: 19-06-2019 at 07:57:29

no seeds for this one:


Can you pls fix that?
Thanks in advance

Thanks for your quick response. Job done! Thanks again

[Report] Posted: 29-07-2019 at 07:08:28
Johnooo Uploader
I love posting
just wont to know wat happened  to my uploads ? if u can help

[Report] Posted: 27-08-2019 at 21:30:26

Hello admin SAM, Can I get a job wordpress theme? Thanks for great lynda courses.

[Report] Posted: 11-12-2019 at 10:09:29

sir i want upload torrent xxx and movie plz give me permision..

[Report] Posted: 29-02-2020 at 13:29:43
Only2try Uploader
Hi, when I try to upload a new Torrent, the following message appears:


You do not have permission to upload more torrents.
Please click here to request torrent verification status.

By clicking on the "here" link, another message appears:


Topic not found

Please I need help, in this state I will no longer be able to make new Uploas   :(

[Report] Posted: 17-04-2020 at 09:41:50

Hi ,

I would like to know why when I log into GloTorrents a separate pornographic page opens that shows Gay Men in sexual acts.

This is a most disturbing thing to see and why has it started now. This site never has had anything like this before.

I certainly wont be frequenting your site if this keeps on happening.
I would also appreciate an answer to this.

Meggalily.  :rant: